Join LAVAN Board member Alan Bernstein for an interactive exploration of Jewish spirituality and money. 

Workshop description: 

In the third century, Rabbi Shmuel said, "There is no greater area of study than money." And Judaism's central prayer, the Sh'ma, commands us to love God with "all our might," which the Talmud interprets to mean "all our money."  What does it mean to love God with your money?  Explore this question, addressing what Jewish wisdom, values, and learning have to teach us about how we make, spend, and invest our money. This highly interactive class uses exercises, discussion, and text study to look at the general role of money in Judaism, and then focuses on the themes of right livelihood (making), conscious consumption (spending), and impact investing (investing). 

Alan Bernstein is the NY Network Manager for Investors Circle, a director of the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance, and a director of 11 Capital. His speciality is in impact investing and job creation.

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